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The Internet Brings Mom and Dad Back Home

Richard Matthews | July 1, 2009 | Comment
Why Make Your Living Online
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Richard MatthewsLast night, as I laid down to sleep and drifted off to that place between wake-fullness and dreams, I found myself walking down a beach where I felt the cool sand squishing between my unclad toes. The cool night air caressed my face and the sound of the waves gently crashed on the shore as an un-spoken mystery in my ear. A few more steps in the cool sand and a sparkle caught my eye. I looked down and saw that the moon had cast its iridescent glow on a beautiful seashell.

I took another step down the beach when, over the sound of ocean waves, I heard a light crackling behind me. I turned to look, and where the seashell once was, a fire now burned. I stared into the fire, enraptured by its beauty, and time passed by me, like a breeze over the prairie. I watched as the flame gypsies danced their beautiful dance of passion, dressed in bright flickering reds, yellows, and oranges. I stepped closer; the heat became more intense, more enveloping, and the fire became more beautiful.

I stared into the bottom of the fire, all the way down to the brightly glowing embers, and I realized how powerful and consuming this fire was – even the ashes burned. I crouched down on my knees, getting ever closer to the fire; it was drawing me in. Such beauty. I reached out a hand towards the fire and felt the warmth, almost burning. Can I grasp the flames? I reached out and suddenly one of the tongues lashed out and entangled my hand in the dancing flames. I woke up.

Part 1: Why the Internet?

As the sun breaks over the horizon every morning, a fire is lit in the heart of every child around the world. It engulfs them completely, wraps them with brightly glowing tongues of curiosity, passion, and exploration. That fire is passion for life and it’s intoxicating. Just try spending time with a child who’s so excited about life that they might as well be on fire and not smile. It’s simply not possible.

Sadly, child like passion is a rare thing these days. Why? I think Henry David Thoreau put it best when he said “Most men (and women) lead lives of quiet desperation…” As soon as childhood ends, the message is abruptly changed from “you can do anything” to “don’t get your hopes up.” And now we have a world full of people who go through life simply surviving and never striving for the things that they truly have a passion for. Most of us simply settle for our lot and pretend to be content, all the while ignoring the ambition that stirs within our soul.

Ambition that’s not acted on causes people to die inside.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to a mentor early in my life who told me to get my hopes up and keep them there. He told me before the messages from the world changed to ignore them. He warned me that I would be told not to get my hopes up… to just settle… to be ‘content’. He told me to live by my passion, by my ambitions.

Passion is the flame for change and its fuel is simply a caustic mixture of loves and hates, he told me. Find something you love and match it with a corresponding hate and you have the fuel for passion. This brings me to why I’m here today, writing to a group of Internet Entrepreneurs on Keller’s fantastic blog.

I have a passion to help people succeed in the online marketplace. Why? Because I have a long list of loves and hates that, when poured together in my soul, create a fire that simply cannot be ignored.

I love my family & I hate being forced to spend time away from them.

I love being in control of my time & I hate having my schedule determined by another human being.

I love sleep & I hate waking to the sound of an alarm clock.

I could go on, but I’ll spare you the details. I’ll keep it simple. I hate being employed in the old shabby industrial age world where time is traded for money and I’m paid based on the cost of the job being performed and not on my personal value. My bet is that you have a lot of the same loves and hates and wonder sometimes what you can do about it. That’s why I’m here today and that’s why you are likely reading Keller’s blog… because you are tired of the old world and ready for the new one.

I got started building Internet businesses because I absolutely believe that creating an income online is THE most effective way to bring families back together.

The “job,” which has only been around since the late 19th century, succeeded in doing one thing terribly well – It destroyed the family. It claimed father’s as its first victim during the start of the industrial revolution and claimed mothers during the Second World War… and we have never recovered.

You and I likely grew up in a home where our family relationships were probably closer in resemblance to a long-distance relationship – we just happened to live at the same address. The majority of our time was spent away from home at school or jobs. Families can’t thrive like that… they weren’t designed that way. I am passionate about helping people succeed in the online marketplace because I know that the Internet has the power to put the family back together.

My first baby is due this coming October and I made a vow to my wife that as soon as that baby was born, I was walking out of my job and I’d never return. I will be at home with my family. I will not become one of the statistics about American father’s who spend an average of 37 seconds a day with their children. We wonder why our world is the way it is… that’s why. Families are broken… even families with both parents are broken because they spend all their time at a job and not raising and loving their families. I hate that! I don’t want that for my family, I don’t want it for yours, and I don’t want it for Keller’s. I don’t want that for anyone’s family.

Please pay attention to this next line, it’s important.

–Listen To Everything Keller Has To Say On This Blog And Implement It! —

The new internet economy is real. It’s powerful and you can get yourself out of your 9-5 job and back at home with your family. Keller can teach you how, so listen to her.

Part 2: Because It’s Awesome – That’s Why!

This brings me to my next point. I got to work on my Internet business WITH my wife. This is probably the most phenomenal aspect of my life right now. Instead of the traditional job, where I’m severed from my wife and family and have to cut contact with them for eight+ hours at a time, I get to work with my family. Instead of giving the best hours of my life to other peoples’ spouses at work, I can give my time and energy to my family first.

Let me tell you, there is a huge difference between a couple who causally goes through life together and a couple who has a common set of goals and aspirations. A couple whose dreams they fight for together – on the same side. Lots of little things can easily be forged through when your passion burns together in more than just the bedroom.

I share my dreams with my wife. I share my fears. I share my tears. As business partners, we are together in all aspects of our lives… much like the American families of old who worked their farms, mills, and shops together. We are building a legacy that can be passed down and learning skills that will help our children thrive when they learn with us. We are living examples of the power of this new world. Families can be brought back together again.

You can have that in your life too!

This is real folks. The world is changing. The old ways are dying. Just turn on the news and listen to them talk about the economy – it’s all doom and gloom because they are all talking about the death of the old industrial economy and not about the birth of the new shiny internet economy.

Are you ready to make the change in your life? If you don’t, you’ll be left behind as the world moves into the new economy. This brings me to my last point…

Part 3: Why is Far More Important than How

The new economy may be shiny and fun, but it’s not easy. Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t all play and no work. There is no such thing as get rich quick. There is such a thing as get rich, but it’s never easy and it’s rarely quick.

With the speed of the internet and the pace at which the world changes now, you can expect that you can definitely reach your goals more quickly than in the old world. But it will take work and dedication. If you haven’t read Keller’s article “Are You Ready to Be Your Own Boss?” please go do so now. It will give you some clarity about what becoming a member of the new world economy entails.

Success here is real, but if you are going to make it through the difficulty then you absolutely must have a reason for doing what you’re doing. You need to have a passion that burns so bright in your soul that tears well up when you think about the possibilities. You must have an ambition that pulls at your heart stings so loudly that you would give up everything you had to see its accomplishment.

You need a cause that’s bigger than yourself. Even if it’s just your family… Your reason must be bigger than just you. I know, because it wasn’t until I had a family that I stopped tolerating a pathetic existence doing something I hated.

I don’t want to be that example for my wife or my kids. So I changed.

When the pain of staying the same is more than the pain of change… you’ll change. What is it for you? What are the things that you love most in this life… or more importantly who are they? What are the things that you hate?


This is a new world! You can make a living doing something you love… your niche market is out there and it’s huge. You just have to find it or create it and capitalize on it. You CAN be at home with your family. You can live the life you always dreamed about. You just have to work for it.

Pay attention because this bears repeating:

–Listen To Everything Keller Has To Say On This Blog And Implement It! —

Please sign up for the newsletter at the top of this page and read the free report. If you do everything she says in that report… You’ll be well on your way to finding a way to get yourself back at home with your family, making an income online. Take the time to invest in your own business and not someone else’s…

You are worth your best time and your best efforts.

Richard Matthews is the creator and author of Monetize My Life. He and his wife have a deep burning passion and mission to help bring 100 families back together by 2012 using the enormous power of an internet leveraged business.
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