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Become a Blogger Becomes an Official Sponsor of Our Best WordPress Design 2009 Contest!

Keller Hawthorne | July 30, 2009 | 12 Comments
Best WP Design Contest

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Yaro Starak and Gideon Shalwick of Become a Blogger have teamed up with FresheVenture as a sponsor of the Best WordPress Design 2009 Contest!

Become a Blogger Premium

This is our biggest sponsorship prize yet and I couldn’t be more honored to have their help! Here’s what you get if you win:

Membership in Become a Blogger Premium (Worth $247)

This is a revolutionary, 6-month, video-based course co-created by Yaro Starak and Gideon Shalwick!

  • Video Based Course Includes:
    • Module 1: Get Your Blog Up And Running Fast
    • Module 2: How To Optimize Your Blog For Maximum Performance In The Search Engines
    • Module 3: How To Create Powerful Content For Your Blog, Consistently and Without Fail
    • Module 4: How To Use Images On Your Blog To Make You Stand Out From The Rest
    • Module 5: How To Create A Different Dimension To Your Blog By Adding Audio
    • Module 6: How To Breathe Life Into Your Blog Using Online Video
    • Module 7: How To Create Multiple Streams of High Quality Traffic To Your Blog
    • Module 8: How To Make Money From Your Blog
  • Access to the Members Only Forum
  • Free Live Coaching Calls with Yaro and Gideon
  • Bonus: Master-The-Mindset 10-Part Audio Series

Become a Blogger Premium is currently closed to all new memberships, but you can grab a seat by winning our contest!!!

If you happen to chat with Yaro or Gideon, please thank them for their amazing generosity!

To learn more about Become a Blogger, visit the following:

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