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Contest Submission Form

Keller Hawthorne | July 31, 2009 | 25 Comments
Best WP Design Contest

Nominations Are Now Closed.

Please Vote for Your Favorite Nominee Here!

Thank you so much for joining our contest! You can learn more about the guidelines, prizes, rules and submission requirements here.

How Do I Enter?

To submit your blog for inclusion, simply fill out the form below. If you want to nominate someone else’s blog, you may leave a comment on this post (bottom of page) and I will personally attempt to contact your nominee.

Important Submission Requirement:

Since this contest relies on traffic and word-of-mouth marketing, you are required to post about the contest on your blog. You can use this requirement as an opportunity to announce that you have been nominated!

Simply writing that you’ve entered the contest and adding a link to the contest page is enough.

Once you’ve provided a link to your post in the submission form (in the “Post Link” field), your blog will become an official nominee! Remember, this post can be used to promote your nomination and increase your votes!

Nomination Form

Form no longer available.

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