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PODCAST: 5 Mistakes Internet Business Owners Make When Choosing a Niche

Keller Hawthorne | August 4, 2009 | 24 Comments

In this podcast, I discuss the 5 big mistakes Internet business owners make when choosing a niche. Following is a quick summary of the podcast.

1. Lack of Interest in Topic

  • Profit Potential vs Personal Interest
  • Interest Helps to Reduce the Amount of Effort Required From You

2. Not Capitalizing On Your Skills or Talent

  • Thinking You’re Not Enough of An Expert
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Thinking No One Else Has the Same Interest

3. Thinking You Can’t or Shouldn’t Make Your Hobby Your Business

  • The Fear That You’ll End Up Hating Your Hobby
  • A Hobby Helps Save Time and Allows for Excellence
  • You Need to Have Passion or Find Enjoyment in Your Business Topic

4. Not Choosing a Profitable Niche

  • Trying to Be the Big Dog in an Even Bigger Market
  • Choosing a Niche with No Demand
  • Not Performing Keyword Research
  • No Competitive Analysis
  • Google Keyword Tool
  • Go Further with Your Competitive Analysis

5. Not Understanding Who or What Your Target Market Is

  • What a Target Market Is
  • Common Philosophy: more traffic = more sales. True IF THE TRAFFIC IS TARGETED!
  • Theme Kitchen Example
  • Target Traffic That will CONVERT Into Paying Customers, Leads or Referrals.

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What Is Your Experience With Choosing a Niche? Having Trouble With It? Have Any Tips For the Rest of Us?

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