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Keller Hawthorne | August 12, 2009 | 12 Comments
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Web CEOIf you’ve ever spent hours performing keyword research and competitive analysis, you know how BORING and tedious the process can be. Yes, it’s one of the most important steps you can take toward increasing your website traffic, but even I can’t help feeling annoyed by the process.

In order to ensure there’s an active market for you online, you must perform keyword research. This is often the step many business owners skip (or avoid like the plague) when setting up their online business. Why? Because it takes TIME!

Fortunately, with the advancement of technology comes the advancement of Search Engine Optimization! I have a little secret that I must confess… I don’t perform manual keyword research (at least, not anymore). Seriously – I used to manually scan search engines for my website’s keyword rankings – UHG!

In 2007, I downloaded the FREE edition of Web CEO (after several confusing and disappointing attempts at other SEO software). About a month later, I upgraded to their Professional edition. What got me interested in Web CEO was their willingness to offer so many features for free. In my opinion, that meant they had confidence in their product and they weren’t after money – they were after long-term customers. They also offer their own Web CEO University where you can obtain training and certification.

Here’s a quick rundown from their website of what Web CEO has to offer:

Find Your Niche:

Find best keywords. Our keyword mining software will help you pick out keywords with lowest competition and highest demand, i.e. best from the SEO POV.

Optimize your site for high rankings: the page analyzer built into our SEO software will give you detailed SEO advice in plain English.

Edit your Web pages in the WYSIWYG mode.

Promote Your Site:

Submit your URLs to search engines by using our wise and safe SEO submission software.

Find link partners and build link popularity. Any SEO software would be incomplete without a tool for building link popularity.

Manage paid search campaigns. Though not directly related to organic SEO, PPC software is an important Web marketing tool.

Analyze Your Site:

Check your rankings with search engines. Web CEO software allows for tracking your SEO success with an advanced ranking checker and keywords trends.

Know who links to your site, and to your competition. Our link analysis software reports inbound links, and even analyzes their text which is important for SEO.

Track and analyze your visitors, ad campaigns, transactions, revenues, etc. with more than 120 live analytical reports built into our software.

Maintain Your Site:

Upload HTML and other files to your server.

Pinpoint broken links and other errors on your site.

Monitor your website to know if it is up or down.

Now for the great news…

Web CEO SmallBiz Unleashed is on SALE this month for $129 (regularly priced at $339)!

Web CEO Professional Unleashed is on SALE this month for $229 (regularly priced at $479)!

I suggest you head over to their website ASAP and download the Free Edition to determine if you might want to upgrade and take advantage of this limited time offer!

What SEO Software Do You Use? What’s the Most Annoying Aspect of Optimizing Your Website?

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