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Blogging As A Teaching Tool – Blogger Teach Thyself

Keller Hawthorne | October 13, 2009 | 9 Comments
Blogging 101
Blogging As A Teaching Tool – Blogger Teach Thyself
Please help me welcome my guest blogger this week, Greg Hayes.
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The old adage goes that if you want to truly learn something, try to teach it to someone else. This goes double for blogging.

I suspect that I have a great deal in common with many bloggers. Most of us probably started writing on a subject about which we are passionate. It’s probably something we love, but we may not be trained experts. Many of us start off with little experience in blogging or the internet, beyond simply surfing, e-mail, and the like. After all, you can’t get a college degree in blogging… yet.

But, we have passion. Each of us feels we have something worth saying, and we do. Everyone does. But beyond that, we must have a passion to learn about our chosen topic. We want to converse with others. We want to get to know our readers and build a dialog with them.

So, we start a blog.

Every blogger I’ve met wants to contribute in a meaningful way to their niche. In order to do that, we must be knowledgeable. We must study and learn daily. Every blogging niche requires this sacrifice. Blogging demands that we continually update our skills. So, we scour internet news, related blogs, magazines, and other publications; reading and learning.

Not only do we learn about our topic, we work to become better communicators. The process of writing demands the concise expression of our ideas. This, in itself, requires study and practice.

The primary role of a blogger must be that of a student. We must be constantly learning about our niche. Secondarily, we may serve as a teacher, philosopher, administrator, designer, arbitrator, or any of a thousand different roles. But first, we are students. We converse daily with our readers, and as we get feedback, the process begins to feed upon itself. We build relationships with others who are knowledgeable, which sparks the free flow of ideas. There’s no better form of learning.

So, who can benefit from blogging?

The more important question may be “Who can benefit from learning?” If you have passion, and want to truly learn about your niche, blogging is one of the best tools you can choose to expand your knowledge and skills.

Roll up your sleeves, and come prepared to work. Believe me, you will work…

But you’ll enjoy it, too.

Greg Hayes writes Live Fit Blog, a blog with advice about living a balanced lifestyle, fitness, what it means to be a father, friend, husband, and much more.
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