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Am I Really a Shameless Self-Promoter?

Keller Hawthorne | November 18, 2009 | 11 Comments
Blogging 101

Moi? Humm… Well, seems one of my blog posts (Shameless Self-Promotion) caught the attention of a fellow blogger (and super nice guy), Bradley Harmon. Now, I’ve been mentioned here and there in random blog posts before, but Brad took his mention of me to a WHOLE new level. He refers to his series activity as “Blog Walking” – I refer to it as uncovering the secrets of my self-promotion!

If you’ve ever wondered how my blog has grown so quickly or what methods I use to draw more attention to myself, check out Brad’s 3 part series where he uncovers how I:

  • Designed my blog for maximum results
  • Use content and SEO to leverage free traffic
  • Host contests to rally a community
  • Catch the eye of big name gurus
  • Grab prime blog reviews
  • And More!

Check Out “Blog Walking: The Shameless Self-Promoter Keller Hawthorne”

Looks like Brad is walking the talk – his review effectively caught my eye and has since been added to my about page. Something we could all learn from???

Anywho, Brad did a fantastic job with his series and I couldn’t be more flattered or thankful for the spotlight. Make sure you check it out and join in on the conversation in his comments area!

How Have You Shamelessly Promoted Yourself or Website Recently?

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