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VIDEO: Link Cloaking 101: What, Why and How

Keller Hawthorne | January 26, 2010 | 52 Comments
VIDEO: Link Cloaking 101: What, Why and How

This video is long overdue, so I’m really excited I finally got a chance to work on it. I have to admit, I felt a little rusty putting it together due to my recent hiatus, but I had fun!

In just under 20 minutes, I walk you through the what, why and how of cloaking affiliate links.

Basic Outline

1. What Is a Cloaked Link?

  • How it looks compared to a normal affiliate link.
  • Diagram of how it works.

2. Why Cloak Your Links?

  • Protection
  • Credibility
  • One Step Editing

3. What You Will Need to Follow Along With Me

  • Notepad/Plain Text Editor
  • Filezilla/FTP Client
  • Original Affiliate Links
  • The code at the bottom of this post.

4. How to Cloak Your Affiliate Links

Step by step walkthrough.

The PHP Code


Header("Location: YOURAFFILIATELINK");


The Video

Watch on YouTube

Watch on Vimeo

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