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It’s Time to Become a Blogger

Keller Hawthorne | February 9, 2010 | 1 Comment
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It’s Time to Become a Blogger
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Become a Blogger has reopened and is now accepting new students. You can try out the course for only $1.00 by signing up today! This is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn how to blog for profit.

Many of you know that my Blogging teacher is Yaro Starak. I started one of his blogging courses in April ’09 (one month prior to launching because I needed SERIOUS help with my Blog. I knew I wanted to begin writing about my experiences as an online business owner, but blogging was one form of income I had never really taken a shot at before.

Now, I don’t mean I had never blogged before. Both my ecommerce stores have blogs, but neither has been updated in who knows how long. See, that was part of my problem – I didn’t stay consistent with updating them. And I didn’t stay consistent because I didn’t understand the importance of blogging.

When I decided to break out on the Internet as one of many Internet marketers, I had several avenues of communication to tap into. I could start my own course, write an eBook, launch a membership site, etc. So, why did I choose blogging? Because it provides a platform for relationship building and SOCIAL PROOF.

Blogging for Social Proof

Social proof for an online marketer essentially is the process of establishing credibility through the mouths of others. So, when I write a post on and people leave comments, it helps show I have a following of people who believe I know what I’m talking about and have a certain amount of trust in me.

Establishing enough social proof will eventually allow me to launch a membership site or write an eBook and gain immediate reward for it. I will not only have an established community of people who enjoy my writing and trust my advice, I will also have social proof that can help people learn that I am a trust worthy source of information.

As I mentioned above, blogging also provides a fantastic platform for relationship building. I’m able to publish my thoughts on my blog and hear YOUR thoughts almost immediately in my comments section. I can answer questions, give advice and form friendships all from the simple act of blogging.

Where’s the Money?

The money comes from blogging! There are several ways you can “monetize” your blog. The most popular income streams for a blogger tend to be through the sale of advertising space or by recommending products and services in your posts.

This is where the learning curve comes into play. Not just any old content will produce revenue. It takes GREAT content, RELEVANT to your readers’ needs and issues. The best way to do this is to blog about something you love!

By blogging about your interests, you help ensure you will remain active and consistent with your writing. You will also produce fantastic content that people will enjoy because YOU will have enjoyed the writing process!

Do I Need a Blog?

YES! I don’t care if you already have a website, ecommerce store, eBook, information product, membership site, etc. A blog will help your existing business or bring you a brand new source of income.

If you don’t have a website yet and are still debating how you would like to make money online, blogging is (in my humble opinion) the BEST way to get out there! Start writing about something you love and build yourself a following. And later, when you decide what you want to do online (you may end up deciding to become a full-time blogger), you will have already established social proof!

A blog is just about the easiest, cheapest and most effective way to begin making money online. Within the first 6 weeks of launching, I earned enough money to cover the costs of hosting my site plus a profit! Since then, I’ve gained several new web design leads, increased traffic on my other websites and formed A TON of great new relationships with other online marketers!

But, the best part is earning money through the process of helping others! I get to write about topics I LOVE, help others earn money online and even receive help in return.

How Do I Start a Blog?

Yaro has teamed up with Gideon Shalwick (an online video master and fellow blogger) to produce a revolutionary video based blog course called Become a Blogger. This course not only walks you through the process of creating a blog from scratch, it also teaches you how to gain traffic, market your blog and produce great content that people will want to read!

This course is perfect if:

  • You already have a blog and want to learn how to increase your income.
  • You don’t have a blog and need to quickly learn how to get started.

Click Here to Watch the FREE Blogging Video Tutorials

What makes this course so unique is its focus on multimedia channels. Yaro and Gideon actually teach you how to monetize your blog through the use of videos and podcasts!

Each video in the course takes only 15 minutes of your time! And as a special bonus, you get access to a special audio series created by Yaro, the “Members Only” Forum, and the “Members Only” Teleconferences.

Your membership with Become a Blogger provides you with immediate access to the general content of the membership site. Then, you will be sent your formal lessons by email each week for six months. You can learn at your own pace, get help from other students and ask Yaro and Gideon questions directly!

You Can Also Learn for FREE!

If you want to learn from Yaro and Gideon, you can do so without ever opening your wallet! Simply download The Roadmap Report – it’s free and filled to the max with info!

$1 Trial Offer

Yaro and Gideon have decided to relaunch Become a Blogger with a never-ending open-door policy. Usually this course only opens to new students every few months, so this is extremely exciting news for any of you who’s missed their chance in the past! But, even more exciting is their $1 trial offer that ends today. That’s right – you can join Become a Blogger for $1.00 TODAY!

What’s the Difference Between Become a Blogger and Blog Mastermind?

I wondered the same thing and ended up doing some research to figure it out. Back in July ’09 I wrote a full review of each course and described how they differ from one another.

Check Out: Blog Mastermind vs. Become a Blogger: Review and Comparison

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