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Tax Tips: 34 Ways of Making Money Online That Must Be Claimed As Income

Keller Hawthorne | April 13, 2010 | 4 Comments
Making Money Online
Tax Tips: 34 Ways of Making Money Online That Must Be Claimed As Income

Tax season is stressful, inconvenient and a pain on our wallets. But, it’s something we cannot avoid. I am not a tax advice professional, but after 5 years of filing taxes for my businesses, I’ve grown accustomed to many rules and procedures us self-employed folk must follow.

Even if you’re not legally self-employed (no business license), you may still need to claim all income you earn from the Internet on your tax forms. That’s right – even if you have a w-2 and you’re employed by someone else.

In this post, I want to remind each of you of income sources you may forget to claim. Remember, the government wants to know about any and all income you earn. Here’s a quick list of ways many of us earn income online:

  1. Affiliate Commissions (Including Commission Junction, etc)
  2. Consulting (SEO)
  3. Data Entry
  4. Data Gathering for Google Maps
  5. Ecommerce Sales from a Store, EBay or Craig’s List
  6. Editing/Proofing
  7. Expert Consulting (
  8. Forum Moderation
  9. Forum Posts
  10. Freelance /Copywriting
  11. Gaming Income (Second Life, World of Warcraft, etc)
  12. Google Adsense
  13. Guest Writing
  14. Membership Site Subscriptions
  15. Paid Reviews
  16. Pay Per Posts
  17. Private Label Rights Content Creation
  18. Resale of Hosting or Other Services
  19. Sale of a Website
  20. Sale of Advertising on Podcasts
  21. Sale of Advertising Space on Websites/ Blogs
  22. Sale of Directory Listings
  23. Sale of Domain Names
  24. Sale of Handmade Products (
  25. Sale of Information Products
  26. Sale of Stock Photos (
  27. Self Publishing (
  28. Services (Web Design)
  29. Software Creation
  30. Sponsored Tweets
  31. Surveys/Get-Paid-To Offers
  32. Translation Services
  33. Virtual Assistance
  34. Website/Domain Flipping

Again, I’m not a tax professional, so be sure to contact someone appropriate if you have questions about what you should and should not claim as income on your taxes. Hopefully, this list will help remind you of some income you earned that you need to claim.

Notice This Is Also a Great List of Ways You Can Make Money Online. Have Any to Add?

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