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I Just Released Version 2.0 of My WordPress Theme Fresh Journal!

Keller Hawthorne | June 23, 2010 | 5 Comments
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I Just Released Version 2.0 of My WordPress Theme Fresh Journal!

Many of you know I launched my own premium WP theme site (Simply Fresh Themes) this spring. So far, I’ve developed and updated one theme that I’m proud to say many awesome bloggers are currently using on their sites! The theme is called Fresh Journal and it is my first theme baby.

I haven’t talked about my theme on in a little while, but today I wanted to take a moment to draw your attention to it as I’ve just released Version 2.0 (and it’s pretty awesome).

Check Out Fresh Journal Version 2.0!

What Is Fresh Journal?

Fresh Journal is a simple WordPress design with incredibly powerful options that allow you to customize your theme in ways you never imagined!

Check out my showcase to see how other blogs look using the theme!

I’ve been told it’s the perfect theme for blogs and small niche websites. It gives you the power to create easy sitemap pages, generate RSS Subscription Forms, exclude pages from your navigation, customize your excerpt lengths, add related posts and share links without additional plugins and more!

Priced at just $39.95, Fresh Journal is one of the most affordable, powerful premium themes on the market!

Unique Theme Features Include:

  • Complete Color Customization
  • Logo Customization
  • Font Customization
  • Favicon Image Option
  • Background Image Option
  • Built-In Ad Management
  • Featured Post Tabber
  • Pre-Built RSS Subscription Boxes
  • Easy FeedBurner Integration
  • Easy Twitter Integration
  • Compact Share Buttons and Links
  • Trackbacks and Threaded Comments
  • 9 Custom Widgets
  • Powerful, Customizable Navigation
  • Custom Page Templates
  • Excerpt Customization
  • Related Posts
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • And More!

Check Out Fresh Journal Version 2.0!

What Bloggers Are Saying About Fresh Journal

“I installed it on my live blog and customized it to my likings in less than 20 minutes. Everything was so easy and set up perfectly in the themes admin panel. What’s great is I could spend another 20 minutes within the site and make it look really different. If you’re planning on purchasing a theme I recommend simply fresh themes.”
Brian Belfitt, SEO Mkt and Owner of Blog Engage

“The Fresh Journal theme options page was a piece of cake to work with! One of my FAVORITE unique add-ons to this theme is the ability to add an RSS subscription and/or follow request to individual posts! Brilliant! :-)”
Kim Doyal, WP Video Marketing

“With clean lines, two color schemes, and easy integration of social networking features, Fresh Journal is a great theme for both beginning and experienced bloggers! Easy to customize to suit any site.”
Jennifer Regan, Potty Training Baby

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Check Out Fresh Journal Version 2.0!

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