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Unsubscribe From Every Internet Marketing Email List You’re On!

Keller Hawthorne | August 27, 2010 | 21 Comments
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Unsubscribe From Every Internet Marketing Email List You’re On!

Every once in a while I find myself absolutely bombarded with emails and newsletters. Whether I signed up for them because I became an affiliate for a product or wanted to receive some kind of special free report, my inbox inevitably becomes full of product promotions and guru tips that I will never have the time to read through.

I just gave birth to my first child August 14, 2010! The last two weeks have been pretty tough as my computer decided to die on me while I was still in the hospital. By the time I got a new laptop set up, I had hundreds of emails waiting for me. So, I figured it was time I do a little spring cleaning with my subscriptions. This morning I UNSUBSCRIBED to 95% of the email lists I was on and I feel lighter already!

Here are a few tips on why an Internet marketing email list spring cleaning is so important and how you can benefit from UNSUBSCRIBING today!

If it’s That Important to You, You Will Re-Subscribe

If you really like a particular newsletter, you can stay subscribed or re-subscribe later. But staying subscribed to 100 email lists because you HOPE to actually benefit from them will only cause your storage space to fill up.

I’ll bet at least 75% of the emails lists you’re subscribed to are not benefiting you. Cut them lose and stick with the 25% that actually relate to your needs.

One is More Valuable than One Hundred

You know you don’t have time everyday to ready through hundreds of emails – even if they’re short and full of great tips. But you probably do have time to read one really great email every day (or maybe a few) – and that’s the one you should stay subscribed to!

Change with the Season

If you take my previous tip and stay subscribed to only a few great newsletters, try changing them up based on what you’re specifically trying to learn at the moment. If you really need help with SEO, blogging and PLR, choose three newsletters that focus on these topics. Once you feel you have a good sense of how SEO works and how to use it to benefit your website, try replacing that newsletter with a different one focused on your latest learning curve.

It’s Ok to Miss Out

One of the biggest reasons I stay subscribed to mailing lists is that I’m afraid I’ll miss out on an opportunity to promote a new product or learn about some fantastic new Internet marketing tool. So, I stay subscribed, receive hundreds of emails every week and end up getting a chance to read through them only AFTER the product promotions or new tools have expired or become stale.

Whether you keep your newsletter signups to a minimum (3-5) or subscribe to every guru’s list that’s out there, you are going to miss out – you can’t stay on top of everything that’s happening in the world of Internet marketing. So, keep yourself focused on the topics that matter most to you.

Yes, Affiliate Emails Included

That’s right – start getting rid of some of these too! Your affiliate lists are important for staying updated on new product promotions and enhancements, but how many of these will actually result in action on your part? Some weeks it seems like every Internet marketer decides to do a product promotion. Do you have the time to PROPERLY and EFFECTIVELY promote 10 different products this week? Probably not, but you might have time to promote 1 or 2. The more time and focus you can put into a product promotion, the more likely you will rake in big commissions.


You write a 300 word blog post for 10 different products you want to promote. The posts are short and not very informative, so you only get 1 or 2 commissions.


You write one 1000 word blog post reviewing a particular product. You include your experience, pros and cons and perhaps even a short video on how to use the product. The post is so effective, you earn 10 commissions. PLUS, your post continues to rake in commissions as it obtains high search engine rankings and perhaps becomes a go-to article for other blogs.

So, which affiliate email lists should you choose to stay on? I suggest you choose the ones you have the most experience with. If you’ve actually used a product you want to promote, stay connected to it. Your personal experience will be what earns you money – there’s no review like a real, personal review. Also, try to keep price points in mind and make sure your readers/followers can afford the products you want to promote.

Enjoy Your Clean Slate

You should feel a lot better after doing your email list spring cleaning. It’s comparable to cleaning out your desk – you’re making room for new opportunities and clearing out the unnecessary and/or useless junk. You will also become much more effective at learning new Internet marketing methods and promoting affiliate products!

Tip!FINAL TIP: If you’re scared of unsubscribing to all of your lists, keep a log of which ones you had been subscribed to and UNSUBSCRIBE. In one week, review the list and see if you still feel concerned. You may find you haven’t missed them at all!
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