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Can You Really Make Money Online?

Keller Hawthorne | April 9, 2009 | 9 Comments
Why Make Your Living Online


Fortune CookieThere are thousands of people just like you making a full-time income online. Some of them have earned money on the Internet since the 90’s and others (like me) started in this decade. They make money through online stores, affiliate marketing, providing services, blogging, teaching others how to make money online, yada yada yada. Many of them began their online careers with no experience or knowledge of how the Internet worked. Others had experience in website design, online networking or computer programming and used that as their foundation for building a lucrative online business.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, what your experience is or what it is you want to do – if you have the motivation to learn, the determination to succeed and the perseverance to keep at it, you can make money online.

Examples of Online Money Makers

You may have heard of some of these people already, or not. Either way, it’s important to learn who the top online money makers are. We can learn from them as they’ve been in our shoes. We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel here; we just want to carve out our own online niche and these experts prove it’s possible.

Alice Seba – Internet Marketing Sweetie

Alice is one of the first online marketing experts I learned from (way back in 2005) and I couldn’t be happier that I found her. I originally learned about her from a website she used to run called Internet Based Moms (I’m not a mom, but it was still great for me). Since then, I’ve followed her online journey as she produced quality products about copy writing, private content labeling, affiliate marketing, creating information products, and more. Her content is easy to read and she actually communicates with her readers. She once reviewed one of my websites just because I asked for advice in her forum!!! Click here to learn more about Alice.

Yaro Starak – Blogging Expert

Yaro Starak is that big haired blogger you may already know about. I learned about Yaro when I decided I wanted to start making money through blogs. I was making all the classic mistakes and couldn’t understand how people were really making money by just writing about what they loved. Thank goodness I found Yaro! He is a blogging guru and generates more than $5,000 a month in income through his own blogs. Of course, saying you earn that kind of money and proving you know what you’re talking about are two different things. I found out that Yaro provides a fantastic report titled “Blog Profits Blueprint” which he provides for free, so I grabbed a copy and WOW! He knows his stuff. I highly suggest you learn more and grab a copy for yourself by clicking here.

Rosalind Gardner – Super Affiliate

In June 1996, air traffic controller Rosalind Gardner decided she wanted to start making money on the Internet. She had absolutely no idea how it worked, but with determination she began earning over $10,000 a month simply by referring people to products or services online (affiliate marketing). Since then, she has written a book I personally have right on my desktop titled “Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People’s Stuff Online.” To learn more about how Ros became a success online, I suggest you check out her eBook by clicking here. A friend referred me to Ros’s website a while back and her book is still one I refer to for help today.

Yours Truly – Keller Hawthorne

Ok, I don’t quite have the fame the people above have obtained, but I too have learned to make a full-time income online. I opened my first online store in 2005 (a complete mess). In 2006, after a year of confusion and frustration, I applied everything I had learned from other online marketing experts and opened a new store. Today, that store receives over 20,000 visitors a month, shows up as the number one result in Google for “kitchen decor” (can you figure out which theme-tastic store is mine?) and earns over $12,000 a month in sales. This is just one of my stores. I also own a web marketing firm, “KBH Web Marketing,” earn income through affiliate marketing and blogging and even sell my own handmade jewelry on To learn more about me, click here.

But, Those Are Experts. They Aren’t Like Me.

Hey, none of us were experts in the beginning. We all started out with no experience or knowledge of how to make money online. We had very little (or no) money to invest in a business. And, many of us had prior engagements (9 to 5 job, school, families, etc). But we each had the desire to learn. We each dreamed of becoming our own boss and made that dream a reality. By the way, my first store earned only 5 sales in its first year online. That wasn’t even enough to cover the costs of hosting my website. Trust me; I’ve been where you are. I know how frustrating or scary it can be to embark on this new journey. But, you can make this work! You just need to spend some time learning about how to make it work.

The Internet will never be saturated. There will always be a niche for a new business owner to capitalize on. If you have a passion for dog training, gardening, scrapbooking, cooking, marketing, investing, teaching, etc, you can find a way to earn money online. It’s about taking what you love and turning it into a business.

Still not sure you can make a living online? Tell me what’s keeping you from making your dream a reality.

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