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About Keller

UPDATE: I’m Officially a WAHM!

That’s right! My little one arrived on August 14, 2010. Thank goodness for Internet businesses – I get to stay home with him and continue to work (when he lets me).

What is is an Internet Business Blog designed for anyone looking to change their life by starting and growing a successful online business. From Internet business articles to how to videos and podcasts, I offer information on ecommerce, affiliate marketing, blogging, SEO, email marketing, web design, WordPress and more! Let me, Keller Hawthorne and Founder, help you learn about Internet businesses and succeed in growing your own!

In the Press:

Who is Keller Hawthorne?

I am an online entrepreneur from the US. Five years ago, at the age of 22, I decided to open an online business. I really didn’t know what I was doing – I thought all I had to do was open a store or sign up with eBay and I would instantly make tons of money. As you may expect, that plan didn’t quite work out the way I thought it would.

Going Nowhere Fast.

I spent the first 6 months beating my head against a wall. I had opened an online store – The KBH Outlet (notice the name says nothing about the business – awesome rookie mistake!) – but it just wasn’t making it (I think I had 10 sales in my first year). How was that going to work? I couldn’t live on that income!

Ok, Let’s Start This Over.

The next 6 months, I finally got serious. I signed up for just about every free Internet marketing newsletter I could find and even invested in some courses (some useless, but others played a huge role in my success).

One year after opening The KBH Outlet, I decided to revamp my business. I sat down and did proper market research, signed up with a fantastic ecommerce host (Network Solutions – My Fav!), and started over. On September 13, 2006 Theme Kitchen was born!

It’s Alive!

By the time I graduated college, Theme Kitchen was earning me a full time income! Due to its success, I decided to launch a sister store in 2007 – Theme Bathroom – and I’m currently developing my third store.

Early on in my Internet marketing career, I discovered I had a passion for web design (I personally design and code all of my websites). So, I decided to offer professional web design services with my own company – KBH Web Marketing.

In 2008, I acquired a passion for beading and started selling my own handmade jewerly, Bella K Handmade Jewelry, on

My latest creation is my Premium WordPress Theme site, Simply Fresh Themes, spawned from another new found passion – WordPress!

This is NOT another “I Can Help You Make Money Online Even Though I’ve Never Done It Myself!” blogs.

Let’s face it; as online entrepreneurs, we’re bombarded with useless Internet marketing newsletters, eBooks, courses and blogs. Everyone on the Internet seems to have the “magic formula” that’s supposed to make us money online. The worst part is most of these internet marketing “teachers” have never created a successful online business for themselves! They simply regurgitate information any one of us could find online.

Fortunately, through perseverance (and definitely a little stubbornness) I have found many Internet marketing gurus that are honest, experienced and absolutely worth listening to. With their guidence and my own experiences, I have become a successful online business owner. And now it’s time for me to give back!

Great! So, How Can Help Me?

Each week, I write about the many challenges and opportunities you will face as an online business owner. All you have to do is learn and take action! All of my knowledge and experience is free for you to listen to and utilize.

Is Right for Me?

If you’re looking to make a quick buck online by using a get-rich-quick scheme, is NOT for you. I’m here to help you create a legitimate and solid Internet business. I provide action steps for you to take, which require effort and motivation on your behalf. If you’re not willing to invest your time and attention in making money online, I’m afraid I won’t be of much help.

Where Should I Begin?

The first action I suggest you take on is signing up for my newsletter. This is a crucial step toward helping you create a successful online business! I really want to be here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. So, before you do anything else, sign up to receive my latest articles and resources.

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Trust me – I respect your privacy. I hate spam email as much as you do. I promise not to share or sell your email address and you can unsubscribe at ANY time.

Great, now go ahead and begin browsing through my articles and how to videos. And remember, you CAN do this if you work at it!

Have a FresheVenture!
Keller Hawthorne

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  • Jared Little

    What a great story. I love hearing this stuff looking forward to reading your Free Report.

  • Keller Hawthorne

    Thanks Jared! Please come back and let me know what you think of the report – you can leave your comments here.

  • Jackie

    Thanks for sharing your story. I'm just starting out so it helps me stay motivated :-)
    I also like your mention about “stubbornness”. And well done with kitchen decor at the first spot in Google!

  • Gnuboss

    Yeah, it's very nice to have found you via the StudioPress Showcase Keller.

    Ijust requested the free report and look forward to reading it to see how you have made the online environment work for you.

    Stories like yours remind me that I am on the right track and that I'm not the only one who wants to be thier own boss and live by their own rules for the better.

  • Keller Hawthorne

    Thank you for the feedback Gnuboss! You've got a kick ass Woo Theme on your blog. I hope you enjoy my report – it's short, but hopefully sweet :)!

  • account google adsense

    nice blog,nice story :D

  • tyroneshum

    Hey Keller,

    Great inspiring story! I know the feeling when first starting, where there's so much to learn and not much happening. It looks like you've succeeded. Keep learning and growing. Fantastic blog by the way!

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  • msfreeman

    This is a really dynamic About Page. The best one I've read yet. Clearly I have some work to do on mine. OOPS! :)

  • georgiabrown

    Thanks for the inspiring story.

  • dejay1982

    Such a great inspiring story. I have just started out in my online adventures and look forward to your newsletter.

  • dejay1982

    Such a great inspiring story. I have just started out in my online adventures and look forward to your newsletter.

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  • LadySheila

    Fresh Air…The blog I have been working on for a couple of months has taken a back seat to my daughters tragic accident. To get my mind off where we are in this seemingly dismal moment to where we are going, I went researching many aspects of this wonderful art, and happily found your site. You a student of Yaro? Superb work, Keller.

  • Keller Hawthorne

    Thank you Sheila and I'm so sorry to hear of your daughter's accident. I hope things turn around for you soon.

    I became one of Yaro's students when I decided to launch my blog – he rocks!

  • Beverly Bergman

    Care to mentor my 24-year old daughter into her own online biz? I know she can do it but she doesn't know where to start, and since I'm just the Mom, she doesn't want to hear it from me. She'd be an awesome pro blogger. Where to start?

  • Hawaiijobs

    Hi, we have many stories books if you are interested in stories books i will give you one website through the website you can download stories books it's very simple.

  • sbaida

    What a great story! I just found your blog by googling “best ad managers” and read your 4 part series on selling ad space on a website. So helpful! Thank you for shedding light on this for new web entrepreneurs like myself.

  • Keller Hawthorne

    She can't go wrong with starting a free “Blogger” blog – no cost and no commitment. She can try blogging out and see if she enjoys it. After a few months, she may fall in love with it and want to launch a WordPress powered blog, have a new idea for an Internet business or decide the whole thing isn't for her. That's one of the best parts of Internet marketing – it doesn't have to cost you anything to learn!

  • Keller Hawthorne

    Thank you for the kind words Susan! I hope you find my blog helpful.

  • Tracey

    Congrats on your success. I also see that in such a short time your blog is a pr of 6. Congrats. My website is almost a year old and you've already surpassed it.

    Seems you may know a thing or to, so I've signed up and am eager to learn.

  • svetlana23

    Wao, I'm from Panama and trying to help my boss to create a good website with the Agentpress theme no matter right now I know nothing on how to do that.

    ¡Thank you for sharing new ideas and experiences for free!

  • jimhardin

    Hi Keller!
    I just stumbled upon you and I was reading your story above. Very impressive. Honestly the line that stuck out to me was the one in BOLD “help you create a legitimate and solid Internet business” This is honestly what I would really want. I know everyone says that but really that is truly one of my dreams. Well who knows maybe someday. I am going to take a look around at your site.

  • jimhardin

    Hi Keller!
    I just stumbled upon you and I was reading your story above. Very impressive. Honestly the line that stuck out to me was the one in BOLD “help you create a legitimate and solid Internet business” This is honestly what I would really want. I know everyone says that but really that is truly one of my dreams. Well who knows maybe someday. I am going to take a look around at your site.

  • Gnuboss

    Now this Keller, is how you make an about page.

    I really love your introduction and breakdown of information that touches on all the important aspects of your site, your background and most importantly what visitors can expect.

    The blog is looking great and I am glad to hear that your other projects are rocking out as well. I'll be checking in often for tips and pointers, trust me.

    I've just ventured out on my own in 2010 to commit to building my own business (consulting, hosting, seo), so I'll hopefully have a similarly impressive story to tell soon, good luck & all the best in continues success.

  • Keller Hawthorne

    Thanks so much Gnuboss! GREAT looking blog BTW. And good luck on your new adventure! Be sure to report back on how things are going.

  • Vijith

    just impressed the way you blog, fantastic. Nice content.

  • Gnuboss

    Thanks for the kind words. I'll definitely chime in with updates every so often.

  • Jarrod@ Optimistic Journey

    Wow you are doing some amazing things online I can see! You are very inspiring and I wish you even more continued success online!!

  • Jarrod@ Optimistic Journey

    Wow you are doing some amazing things online I can see! You are very inspiring and I wish you even more continued success online!!

  • JC

    Hi Keller,
    I have a great idea for a site, that is not specifically selling stuff.
    Problem is, I don't know who to talk to, as the companies concerned may just walk away with the idea. I know, it will be a site well-used by many in the community.
    How do I take this further without jeopardising the idea? Do I need to trade-mark the title of the site as it doesn't exist and reveals the nature of the site. Also, if I am not selling as such, how can revenue be made on the site? I'd really appreciate to be steered in the right direction…
    Thanks and well done with your success!

  • Keller Hawthorne

    JC, I can understand your concerns, however I'm not able to give too much advice as you've provided me with very little information about the site.

    How you will monetize the site depends a lot on what type of site it is (blog, forum, ecommerce store, etc).

    How well the business will do depends a lot on the market and competition.

    As for fear of copy cats, do you think the “companies concerned” will actually invest the time, money and energy in developing it themselves? Does the idea fall under their own business mission? If so, sounds like you wouldn't want to speak with them. If you must, you may consider setting up some kind of confidentiality agreement, though I'm not really sure this would work. Even if you trademark the name, I don't believe you can trademark the idea.

    I don't want to steer you in the wrong direction, but many of those companies may not want to bother investing resources in the idea, leaving it free for you to cultivate. If you're really concerned, perhaps you can approach them in a way that makes it appear the project is already underway.

    If you can provide a little more detail, I can try to help more. Hope this helps a little!

  • Daryl

    Wow, I must say this site if a refreshing change from the usual blurb we find online. I have been involved (more like desperately trying) to get a successful online business for over a year now and unfortunately have been running around in circles, not making any progress and have spent a scary amount of money, all with NO returns. 2 fully maxed out credit cards later I was on the verge of throwing in the towel until I came across and also watching the lets get social video. I'm certainly going to give Social media management a try. Fortunately here in South Africa Social Media Management is still a very new concept so I can act before the market becomes too saturated. Although I will have to take the time consuming route (free route – own research) due to my current financial situation and maxed out credit cards. None the less I would like to thank you for pointing me in the right direction just when I was about to give up. Also your candid and honest “about page” is both inspirational and admirable I look forward to reading your free report. Take care and all the best

  • Keller Hawthorne

    Thank you so much Daryl. I know exactly how you feel – I was there. It can get frustrating and it's easy to lose all hope. But if you keep at it, keep learning, and keep making adjustments to your actions, you can find success! There's a niche for each of us in the business world – we just have to find it.

  • Philemon

    Hello Keller,

    I thank God I found your website! I too would like to have my own online business. Even though I know my way around the internet, I an a total newbie to building an online business. I love writing and I have done workshops and seminars on leadership, relationships, and personal empowerment for more than 30 years. I am 59 yrs. old and I've lost nearly everything I worked for all my life due to the economic ression. You would be surprised at how many marketers offline and online don't deal with the Baby Boomer generation because we're not “young” anymore and especially when you are near bankrupcy at such a late stage in life. But I have never let age be a factor in determining my destiny. Your story was very inspiring and I intend to learn alot from you. Please teach this old dog some new tricks! I intend to revamp, renew, rebuild, and reinvent my life and become the next great come-back story! Thanks for all you are doing in helping others!

    ~ Philemon

  • Keller Hawthorne

    Thanks Philemon! I was hit by the economic downturn too as I saw a decline in sales. The experience really taught me the value of not having all my eggs in one basket. It's important to have several sources of income online as you never know when the economy will go south or your particular market will dry up. At the same time, you don't want to spread yourself so thin that none of your businesses are able to reach their full potential. However you choose to make money online, I suggest you “cookie cutter” whatever works and try to repeat it. One of the greatest disadvantages to working for yourself can be the lack of a STABLE and CONSISTENT income. Build several sources of income and you can help minimize the risk. Good luck!

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