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How to Earn Your First $500 From Affiliate Marketing

Keller Hawthorne | August 2, 2010 | 23 Comments
Affiliate Marketing 101
How to Earn Your First $500 From Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to making money online it can be difficult to earn your first $1 let alone your first $500. The good news is that in reality earning money doesn’t have to be hard at all and you can easily exceed a goal like $500 in virtually no time – if you know what to do. There are a lot of pitfalls in affiliate marketing and many people can get discouraged quickly. If you stick with a simple affiliate marketing plan and work towards your goals, you’ll easily be able to achieve any financial figure you want. Here’s a step by step process for how to achieve your first $500 from affiliate marketing.

Step #1: Find Something to Sell

Now you can make $500 really fast by selling an affiliate product that pays out $100 or even $500 – or you can go the harder route and promote something that pays out $10 a sale. Obviously the better something pays the faster you’ll reach your first five-hundred bucks. That being said, the better something pays out the more competitive it’ll likely be to succeed in that niche. Track down something that pays out decently but is in a niche that won’t be too competitive for you to succeed in.

Step #2: Purchase a Domain Name and Set Up a Website

While setting up a website isn’t absolutely necessary, it’s definitely a good idea if you plan on earning more than just your first $500. At the very least you’ll want to purchase a domain name and redirect that domain name to your “ugly” affiliate link. This way when someone clicks or manually types your web address in their browser they’ll go through your affiliate link and you’ll earn a commission. If you want to go the extra mile you should build a website that either pre-sells or collects email addresses to sell to further down the road (great idea!)

Step #3: Start Sending Traffic

Here comes the real work. The biggest challenge with learning how to achieve your first $500 from affiliate marketing is generating the traffic. Using keywords related to your niche, write articles and submit them to article directories like, and other top directories with links pointing back to your domain name and/or website. Additionally promoting your site’s URL offline is another viable option for fast money, but there are fewer niches and products that will be successful with offline promotion.

In essence the real key to success with earning your first $500 is to pick a well converting product that pays well, set up a website for it and drive as many eyeballs as you can to it. The more people you get through your affiliate link, the more money you will earn. While traffic generation can be tricky, especially for a beginner, the best course of action is to try generating traffic from as many different sources as possible. Make videos and submit them to YouTube and Vimeo, submit articles, build links back to your site and wait for the traffic and sales to increase until you’ve reached your goal.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jason Acidre is a Marketing Consultant for Affilorama, an affiliate marketing portal. They provide affiliate marketing education and advanced affiliate marketing tools for beginning and advance affiliates.
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