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Free Personal Development PLR Pack!

Keller Hawthorne | June 1, 2009 | 7 Comments
Special Discounts

Ronnie from just announced he’s giving away a 12-pack of self-improvement PLR content that you can download right now! You can sell it, give it away as a free gift to your subscriber list, or use it to add new content to your website or blog!

Grab Your FREE PLR 12 Pack Here!

Personal development content is perfect for websites related to Business, Fitness, Nutrition, Self Improvement, Spirituality, and more!

Here’s what’s included:

  • eBook: “Top 10 Ways to Show Your Gratitude & Appreciation”
  • Worksheet: “Top 10 Ways to Show Your Gratitude & Appreciation”
  • Worksheet: “Creating a Personal Action Plan”
  • Affirmation Reflection: “Even if I take a wrong turn, I can find another route to success”
  • Affirmation Reflection: “I am passionate about my goals”
  • Affirmation Reflection: “I am the body in motion that stays in motion”
  • Article: “How to Become a Strong Leader”
  • Article: “Top 10 Food and Nutrition Affirmations”
  • Article: “Using Positive Self-Talk to Conquer Any Goal”
  • Wallpaper Graphic: “The level of our success is limited only by our imagination.”
  • Wallpaper Graphic: “I left go of others’ opinions of me. It doesn’t matter what they think.”
  • Wallpaper Graphic: “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

What Is PLR

In my opinion, the most effective way to gain high Google PageRank™ and search engine rankings is to update the content of your website often and consistently. The only problem you might find with this method is it takes time to write all of your content. PLR enables you to spend less time writing and more time marketing and growing your business.

PLR (private label rights) is content that someone else creates for you. It’s essentially like hiring a ghost writer to create content for your website. You get to publish the content under your name – you become the author.

How to Use PLR

Here are just a few ideas on how you can use PLR to make money online:

  1. Combine PLR articles to create a unique eBook.
  2. Give PLR articles away to your customers to boost loyalty.
  3. Package PLR articles with other products as added value.
  4. Offer PLR articles, affirmations, reports, eBooks, and worksheets as a bonus for a product/membership/subscription.
  5. Use PLR to entice new subscribers to your newsletter.
  6. Post PLR articles to your website or blog.
  7. Use PLR articles for article marketing.
  8. Revise and rename PLR articles to make them unique.

Who Is Ronnie Nijmeh?

If you haven’t heard of Ronnie already from TV, radio interviews, or magazines, here’s a little info for you. Ronnie is the creator of, a Self-Help Private Label Rights Content Club Membership that provides more than 80 pages of fresh content for websites every month. His content includes articles, special reports, positive affirmation reflections, and even desktop wallpapers. He also provides personal website reviews for his members!

Over 23,000 people visit Ronnie’s website each month, which he owes to using PLR content. You can learn more and sign up for a trial month of here!

This really is an AMAZING giveaway and I hope you all enjoy it!

Grab Your FREE PLR 12 Pack Today!

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