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TOPIC: blog comments

To Be a Successful Blogger You Need to Be Thick Skinned

“Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” A slogan I used to use as a kid. But for many it’s not true. Words can hurt. People can be very cruel.... 

May 7, 2010 | 23 Comments

How to Use Testimonials to Drastically Improve Your Blog’s Success

We all know that testimonials are absolutely necessary when selling products or services online. They’re a great way to show off how happy you’ve made your customers. They also offer... 

April 16, 2010 | 15 Comments

My Controversial Blog Review on John Chow Dot Com

Ok, it’s not that big of a controversy – it’s really just one commenter who seems to have a passionate hatred of John Chow and anyone John writes about. The Story About two months... 

September 11, 2009 | 62 Comments

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