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How to Use Testimonials to Drastically Improve Your Blog’s Success

Keller Hawthorne | April 16, 2010 | 15 Comments
Blogging 101
How to Use Testimonials to Drastically Improve Your Blog’s Success

We all know that testimonials are absolutely necessary when selling products or services online. They’re a great way to show off how happy you’ve made your customers. They also offer potential customers a source of recommendation and feedback. Testimonials can drastically improve a product launch, ecommerce sales and even affiliate programs. So, why aren’t more bloggers taking the time to obtain testimonials for their blogs?

Mental Trap: It’s Free Therefore It Will Sell

Think about it – as a blogger, you’re in the business of selling free information. Often, the idea of a product or service being “free” changes the angle from which we market it. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that everyone will go nuts over your product, service or blog because everyone loves free stuff. If this were true, every free newsletter on the Internet would be bombarded with subscribers.

Truth is the free stuff has to be marketed just as much as the premium stuff. There’s a reason most Internet marketers offer an incentive to sign up for their newsletter or RSS feed – they work! I use this concept with my own newsletter by offering my free report, Fresh Start for Your Online Business.

There are millions of blogs online. What makes yours stand out? Why should someone spend time on your website?

Testimonials Offer Social Proof

Social proof is the concept of establishing credibility through the mouths of others. When visitors see lots of comments on your blog, a high number of RSS subscribers and loads of Twitter followers, they begin to believe your site is active and of high quality. Testimonials are just one more way of establishing social proof for your blog. With them, you can:

  • Establish Your Credibility as a Blogger
  • Increase Blog Comments
  • Gain More Newsletter Subscribers
  • Gain More RSS Subscribers
  • Get More Blogs to Link To Yours
  • Encourage Relationships
  • And More!

Where to Find Testimonials for Your Blog

1. Use Comments

Often commentators unknowingly leave fantastic testimonials. Has someone recently left a comment on your blog that praises you or thanks you for something? Now, I’m NOT talking about the standard “Great Post” or “I love your blog” comments. I’m referring to ones that are unique and actually say something about you.

For example, someone leaves a comment stating you really helped them improve their Google rankings – this would be a fantastic testimonial for an Internet marketing blog! Or, someone comments that your scrapbooking techniques are the easiest they’ve ever read – great testimonial for a craft blog.

Keep an eye out for awesome testimonial comments.

2. Use Blog Reviews on Blog Directories

Are you a member of Blog Catalog? Great! Have you been reviewed by someone there? Awesome! Is the review positive and did they leave great feedback? Then you’ve got yourself a testimonial my friend!

For example, the Internet Strategist left this comment on a review of my blog on Blog Catalog:

“I have never seen anyone launch and grow a quality site so quickly. Definitely one to read regularly because what she knows I want to know too! If you want to be successful seek out and learn from those who have proven they know what they’re doing. You won’t find many this good.”

That’s a nice testimonial! Look out for these types of reviews. You can read more reviews of my blog here: on Blog Catalog

3. Use Blog Reviews on Other Websites

Has your site been featured on another website? Let your visitors’ know what’s being said around the Internet about you and your blog! Add an “In the Press” section to your about page like I have done and list links to articles discussing your blog.

4. Ask for Testimonials

This is the most basic form of testimonial generation and one that works well. If you have a newsletter or RSS subscriber list, ask for feedback. You can also write a blog post asking for feedback or tweet your request. You’ll be surprised at how many people are willing to chime in.

How to Use Testimonials on Your Blog

  1. Add them to your about page. Check mine out (About Keller) for an example of an “In the Press” section.
  2. Create a dedicated feedback/testimonial page. Here’s a great example:
  3. Add them to your sidebar.
  4. Use them in blog posts when you want to increase your credibility. This works well for affiliate reviews or if you want your audience to do something for you.
  5. Use them to promote your RSS Feed or Newsletter.

Final Words

I notice that many of my subscribers sign up for my newsletter AFTER reviewing my About Page. This means that page is helping to display my credibility as a blogger and Internet business owner. Testimonials are extremely powerful and should be used even with FREE information/products/services. They’re especially helpful for new bloggers who aren’t well-known and lack online reputations. Try adding some testimonials to your blog and see if it helps you capture a more engaged audience!

Do You Use Testimonials On Your Blog? Have They Helped and How So?

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