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VIDEO: How To Organize Your Affiliate Links

Keller Hawthorne | July 2, 2009 | 9 Comments

In this video, I show you how to quickly organize your affiliate links with your favorite spread sheet software! If you’re overwhelmed with links, affiliate websites, commission percentages, etc, this is the perfect video for you. Save yourself time and energy by organizing and managing your affiliate links!


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  • Cindy Bidar

    Thanks for this great tutorial. I have a really hard time keeping track of this sort of thing, mostly because I keep changing my mind about how to keep track of it. Spreadsheet? Text file? Database? And where should I keep it? Locally? Or on a thumb drive? What if I'm not at my computer and I need it?

    As usual, I make things far more complicated than they need to be! Thanks for keeping it simple.

  • Internet Business Blogger

    I'm the same way Cindy! I think all of us online entrepreneurs need to remember our computers help us automate our tasks, so let's let them do their jobs and stop over-thinking everything.

  • Van Sale

    Great post, I work in online advertising, so this website is really helpful to me. Thank you.van leasing

  • Josh H

    I never thought of going this route to manage my affiliate accounts. Great video. I enjoyed watching it. I think i might just use this method. Very unique. I don't have anyway to organize my links. Thanks

  • Keller Hawthorne

    It's definitely not a “high-tech” method or anything, but it works for me. Simple tends to be sweet. I hope you find it useful!

  • Keller Hawthorne

    It's definitely not a “high-tech” method or anything, but it works for me. Simple tends to be sweet. I hope you find it useful!

  • Ninety Nine Ways

    How To Organise Your Affiliate Links by Keller…

    As an affiliate marketer one thing that happens as time goes by is that you sign up to a number of programs which presents the issue of how to keep track of and organise all of your affiliate links. I was over at and came across a v…

  • IlbertWardell

    I don’t post to Twitter that often (maybe a few times a week), but I my followers have grown from 15 to over 100 in the last few months. I follow almost everyone who follows me . I skip people who post primarily in languages other than English or who use Twitter only as tool or making product annoucements (I like to follow real people, thanks!).

  • IlbertWardell

    This video really helped me a lot. I finally managed to get some order and structure in my affiliates network links. Taking care of commissions and percentages is a piece of cake now. Thanks a lot!

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