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Marketing Your Internet Business with Coupons

Keller Hawthorne | June 16, 2010 | 2 Comments
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Marketing Your Internet Business with Coupons

Promoting an online store is the one of the most critical stages in ensuring the success of your online business. You spend months developing your store, but unless you attract buyers, your efforts will be in vain. One really effective marketing strategy for online retailers is coupon marketing, which helps to increase the number of visitors to your online store.

Coupons Bring Repeat Business

Issuing coupons to your customers will create a sense of urgency to buy in order to save money before the coupon expires. Ultimately, if you provide them with excellent service, they will re-visit your online shop to buy more items at retail prices. The discount that you give to customers on coupons may seem like it eats away at your profits; but to the contrary, it is due to these small discounts that your sales will improve through repeat business and word of mouth. Throughout the US, businesses big and small now use coupons to widen the sphere of their business and reach new customers.

Keep Your Message Short and Sweet

Ensure the message in your coupon is clear. Mention the discount and any special conditions around the offer. Simple offers with a short to medium term expiry date are the best converting. The most popular coupons are the ones that are easy to understand.

Promote Your Coupons Through Coupon Sites

The most effective way to get your coupons out to potential customers is online coupon sites that allow users to submit coupons for their visitors to find and use. There are tons of good coupon sites that will allow you to post your coupons, many of which get a large amount of targeted traffic – buyers who are about to purchase online.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this important marketing channel for your site. Most coupon sites will list your site using an affiliate link or for free. If you submit your coupons more often, you tend to come up first as most coupon sites seem to list the latest codes first in their results. You can research the best submission pattern for each site using a little experimentation and examining the search results for the terms that are related to your business.

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