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PODCAST: Let’s Talk About Ecommerce – Q&A with Keller

Keller Hawthorne | February 10, 2010 | 11 Comments
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PODCAST: Let’s Talk About Ecommerce – Q&A with Keller

Over the last nine months, I’ve received several emails and blog comments regarding ecommerce. I decided to combine all of those questions into a 45 minute Q&A podcast where I can share my answers with all of you at the same time! The audio is a little low, so please let me know if you’re experiencing trouble hearing me.

I refer to my ecommerce host several times in this podcast. You can learn more about them here: Network Solutions. I use their nsCommerceSpace™ (Premium) package for all of my stores.

Questions I Answer in this Podcast:

  • What ecommerce software do you use?
  • How did you create your ecommerce stores?
  • Do you use dropshipping for your Theme Kitchen and Theme Bathroom stores or do you carry inventory yourself?
  • What is your opinion of working with individual dropshippers versus a service like
  • I don’t have the time to individually contact suppliers/wholesalers. How do I find product?
  • Do they use more than one dropshipper for each store? Can I sell several different products online, from separate dropshippers, on the same store?
  • How do you get all of your dropshippers to use the same shipping carrier?
  • Do you send multiple tracking numbers to customers when sending items from more than one shipper?
  • Do you charge the customers for the extra shipping charges acquired from shipping from more than one location?
  • How do you handle taxes if a customer orders a product that is shipped from their own state?
  • If I have a WordPress blog setup and want to add a shopping cart, is that possible?
  • Do you process and ship orders yourself?
  • Are your stores actually a frontend of an affiliate site?
  • How do you update content on your stores for SEO purposes?

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If you have any questions about my answers, please be sure to ask them in the comments section. I hope you find this useful!

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