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Internet Marketing Sweetie Becomes an Official Sponsor of Our Best WordPress Design 2009 Contest!

Keller Hawthorne | July 28, 2009 | 8 Comments
Best WP Design Contest

AffiliateMarketingSweetieCourse.jpgI am really excited to announce that Alice Seba & Melissa Ingold of Internet Marketing Sweetie have joined as sponsors of our Best WordPress Design 2009 Contest! Here’s what these lovely ladies have generously offered to our winner:

Affiliate Marketing Sweetie Course (Worth $37.95)!

What’s Included in the Affiliate Marketing Sweetie Course:

1. Introductory Interview: Get Your Common Affiliate Marketing Questions Answered

  1. Find out why there is no such thing as “the best affiliate Q&A Transcripts program.”
  2. How to find your target market and where to find affiliate products that your market is eager to buy.
  3. Learn what to do if you find the perfect product, but they don’t have an affiliate program.
  4. Gain a basic understanding of affiliate marketing jargon.
  5. Learn seven things you should check on before you join an affiliate program.

2. Market Research – The Key to Your Success

  1. Discover the number one mistake most new affiliate marketers make and how to avoid it.
  2. Learn how you can gain access to a powerful marketing tool that 95% of advertising agencies use – without spending a penny.
  3. Find out how you can spy on your market and sell them exactly what they are looking for.
  4. Learn the best way to determine if your product will sell or not.
  5. Get hundreds of ideas to start your market research.

3. Affiliate Marketing Manual Packed with Maximizing Strategies

  1. Learn about the 6 main types of affiliate sites and how to get maximum affiliate profits by creating a strategically planned network of sites.
  2. Find out about the easiest ways to get your network of affiliate sites started.
  3. Learn why if you use pre-written text provided by your affiliate, you may be leaving a lot of money on the table.
  4. Learn to include one thing in your product reviews that will immediately gain your visitors trust and make them want to buy products you recommend.
  5. Learn how to draw in traffic with articles.
  6. Discover how to promote an affiliate link without anyone noticing it’s an affiliate product.
  7. Alice’s top 3 tips to increase your Google Adsense Income.
  8. Find out if you’re taking advantage of all your pages.
  9. Find out how to hide your affiliate links and keep track of your click-through stats at the same time.
  10. Learn an easy, simple and low-tech way of keeping track of affiliate programs and links.
  11. Discover how to edit one little page that you may never have noticed to get more sales with just a few minutes of work.
  12. Learn about Alice’s favorite tools that make her life much easier.
  13. Discover where to find more quality information on driving traffic to your sites.

4. Affiliate Website Critiques – Hands On Examples on How to Improve Your Sites

  1. Watch these critiques on video or download the written guide for easy reference.
  2. Learn which little feature can be a big distraction to your visitors and lead them away from your site.
  3. Learn how to generate more opt-ins to your list.
  4. Utilize this tip to increase affiliate product clicks and conversion.
  5. Learn how to go from a 5% commission to a 50% commission.
  6. Lessons in market research.
  7. Learn how to warm up your market and when to mention the price of the product.
  8. Discover a strategy for marketing to your visitors again and again.

5. Bonus Audio: Increase Your Affiliate Commissions by Offering Bonuses to Your Readers

  1. Learn how to rake in commissions even if everyone else in your market is promoting the same product.

6. Bonus Audio: Affiliate Marketing with Highly Profitable Ecourses

  1. Get an edge over your competition by using email mini courses.

7. Bonus: Long-Term Affiliate Marketing Success Strategies

  1. This 70 minute recording (plus transcripts) helps you steer clear of the questionable affiliate marketing products out there and stay focused on a long-term profitable plan.

WOW – That’s a lot of GREAT information! The winner will have access to download and view all these resources 24/7. If you happen to chat with Alice or Melissa, please give them both thanks for their generosity!

I first met Alice back in 2005 – she was one of the first legitimate Internet marketers that actually HELPED me learn how to earn a living online. Her content is top notch. I’ve been a fan of her products and a member of her email list ever since.

If you would like to become a sponsor of our contest, please contact me.

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