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Vote for the Best WordPress Design of 2009!

Keller Hawthorne | September 1, 2009 | 84 Comments
Best WP Design Contest

Welcome to the official voting page for our Best WordPress Design 2009 Contest! Voting is now closed and winners will be announced October 6th.

Thank You For Your Support!

Thank you so much for participating and showing our nominees some love. We couldn’t make this work without YOU!

For more information about our contest, please visit our Official Contest Page.

Big Thanks to Our Contest Sponsors!

Thanks to our fantastic sponsors, our winner will be awarded with over $500 worth of amazing prizes!

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  • Hesham

    Can not wait until the contest starts :)

  • Keller Hawthorne

    Yay! We're almost there, huh?

  • bbrian017

    I added the badge, I posted the article on my blog, I made a post in my blog forum,

    I hope I win :)

    Thanks Keller

  • Michael Ray

    For sure you gonna win some Brian :)

  • Michael Ray

    I just voted but not sure if it went through. Nothing happens. When I tried to click again it says “your last request is still being processed…pls wait a while.”

  • nazcar

    same here mike..

    ~ going to grab the badge for this.. thanks keller..

  • Keller Hawthorne

    Sorry! Seems something went wrong when I went from test to live. Should be working now. Try again and let me know what happens.

  • Doug Dillard

    Lots of great entries Keller. This is just a great place to find a lot of awesome sites as well. Thanks for running this cool contest!

  • nazcar

    yes keller, its working fine. thanks.. ;)

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  • Jill

    And they're off! Good luck to everyone!

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  • enydiamond

    i add fazreen;)

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  • Sean

    Alright! Now comes the fun part!

  • Michelle

    Looking forward to seeing how wins this!

  • Keller Hawthorne

    Thank you Doug! I'm glad the contest has become a resource. Good luck!

  • Keller Hawthorne

    As of right this second (12:28 pm PST) we have 115 votes placed. Great job on getting the word out there everyone!

  • whatawebsite

    Hey Keller,

    Fantastic job – it's great to see so many participants, I've visited most of the sites now and I think we're all benefitting a lot from being here. The Cheddr voting looks fantastic by the way – and I hope you'll soon be teaching me a few coding secrets !

    Best wishes


  • Hesham

    Awesome contest Keller!

    There is great blogs participating, I will make sure to choose some for joining Famous Bloggers Club! I can see many who deserve it!

  • Mike

    What a cool idea running this contest. Found some great designs here. Thanks folks

  • Typhoon

    Some very nice nominees but I've voted for Doug of

  • barbaraamy

    That’s incredible how much I have learned from your blog Easy DIY Home Security regarding home security.
    Thank you for the information that normally we would pay hundreds of dollars.

    Barbara Thiel
    Ps. I find your blog very professional. Thanks again.

  • Keller Hawthorne

    As of right now (8:29 am PST) we have 214 votes placed!!! You're all kickin' butt!

  • bbrian017

    I'm working my but off to win this thing. I have threads in some of the largest forums requesting votes :)

  • Keller Hawthorne

    Hey Will! I actually decided to use WP-Polls and just customized it a little. Turns out you can add html to the answer fields so I was able to easily add screenshots.

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  • Deluxdon

    Just voted for one of my favorite WP design.


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  • Keller Hawthorne

    As of right now (10:24 pm PST), we have 292 votes placed!

  • Isaac | GoBlogger

    Many great looking sites there. I'm confused which one to vote -_-”a

  • Keller Hawthorne

    We officially hit the 300 mark for votes! Great job everyone!

  • Nazcar Multimedia Productions

    Vote for – Best WordPress Design of 2009…

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  • frugalliving

    Voted for Michelle Adam because her blog is great :)

  • Keller Hawthorne

    I just sent out the weekly standings of our nominees by email. Make sure you're signed up for my newsletter so you don't miss it!

  • 1800 SaiGon

    Alot of bloggers :D Nice buddy themes

  • Luis Cantu

    what's the plugin you guys are using to share the word on this?

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  • Admin Visit this really cool site. it is much better than all the sites listed here

  • Aswani

    Voted for Hesham's Blog – My Life Thinking. Great blog :)

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  • Keller Hawthorne

    Hey Luis! Not quite sure what you're asking. I'm using WP-Polls to run the voting system and my share buttons on each post of my blog are ones I created in Photoshop. Does this answer your question?

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  • Keller Hawthorne

    As of right now (2:38 pm PST), we have 432 votes placed! You are all amazing – I'm so impressed with your marketing efforts. Keep it up!

  • msfreeman

    I like this one the best! :)

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  • Sarah Lam

    Just added my vote. Too bad can only vote once. I have another site I would like to vote but… hehe.. one vote for a fair competition.

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  • DiTesco

    Voted for New Media Bloggers. hope you win Hesham, Good Luck!

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  • Keller Hawthorne

    520 Votes folks – and it's only been 14 days!!!

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  • MIchael Phillips

    I am having trouble putting the links up on face book , hwo do I do it? any help would be stellar….


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  • Keller Hawthorne

    565 Votes!!! You all continue to surprise me. I just sent out the latest standings in my newsletter.

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  • David Dowell

    A very nice informative blog. Thank you Dana!

  • Keller Hawthorne

    Sorry for the late response Michael – just too many things going on at once. There are several ways to add links or html code to facebook. One way is to add a specific html application that you can add to your sidebar. Just search for html applications within FB. Once installed, you can copy the code from your nominee banner and add it. Another way would be to add a link to your “Notes” or the top box on the left of your sidebar.

  • Keller Hawthorne

    640 Votes!!!

  • sharonaalperin

    I love Dana Slatkin's site. It's amazing and very refreshing. With todays' lifestyle concentrating so heavily on eating the right foods for total health I really enjoyed Dana Slatkin's perspective. I also love her approach that it doesn't have to be expensive to be great.

  • Kholiwe

    Hi Will,
    Good luck! I have cast my vote already! Enjoy your Sunday.
    Talk to you soon

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  • charned

    I thought you were going to upgrade the contest standings on Sunday evening? Thanks!

  • pajamadeen

    eek! have a couple of friends who would like to vote for a contestant, but following the link is not showing the blog contestants anymore. can you provide me a link that works tonight? thanks!

  • emily

    Nice variety of entrants. My one comment as a person looking to build a WP site, I would have liked if entrants provided the following information…

    1-site built on a free or premium theme? name of template used
    2-did they design site themselves or have custom themes designed?

    That information would give me a good idea what to expect in my purchase decision. In any event, I think the contest was a good idea.


  • Keller Hawthorne

    I send out the weekly standings every Friday in my newsletter. The contest ends this Friday at Midnight and next week I will announce the winners.

  • Keller Hawthorne

    The voting system tracks voters by IP Address and Cookies. If you see the “Thanks for Voting” message, it means your computer or IP is already logged as a voter. If your friends happen to use the same computer or internet connection in your home, they will see that message. If they use their own computer and IP address – they will be able to vote.

  • Keller Hawthorne

    Thanks for the tips Emily! I will be doing some surveys of the nominees after the contest ends and I will be sure to ask these questions.

  • bbrian017

    wow that went really fast. I still haven't found your subscribe is it just your normal one here on your site. You have a lot happening lol. I will try to market a bit more before it ends open up some old thread perhaps blog about it one more time.

  • Keller Hawthorne

    My “subscribe” is my newsletter (top of blog). Definitely still have time to bring in more votes!

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  • Jared Little

    How many votes do I need to win? Time to tweet some more.

  • bisaani

    Thanks Keller for wonderful list I added homebusinessposts.Its my routine to visit your blog many times a day.Dont want to miss single post.

  • Keller Hawthorne

    Thanks Bisaani!

  • Keller Hawthorne

    Thanks Bisaani!

  • webaddlink

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