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Help a Pregnant Blogger – Guest Blog!

Keller Hawthorne | May 4, 2010 | 18 Comments
Keller's Thoughts

That title sounds a little desperate, doesn’t it? Well, I’m entering my third trimester (my baby boy is due August 4th) and fatigue is beginning to set in once again. I had a great run through April – finally felt back on track with writing posts. But, I can already sense that the next few months will be difficult for me. I will be working on my baby nursery, opening a brand new ecommerce store and preparing for my little one with classes. I will also be taking lots of naps while I still can :).

So, I need your help on my blog! Have you ever considered guest blogging? It’s a fantastic way to drive traffic back to your site. It can also help with SEO (inbound links)!

Want to write for It’s easy – choose a topic related to Internet marketing, write a post (at least 500 words) and send it to me with a 30 word bio and picture. Your content will not only help me out immensely, it will also help my readers and in turn bring you potential new blog fans!

Apply to Be a Guest Blogger on!

Can’t wait to hear your post topic ideas and share your thoughts with my readers!

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