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OIOpublisher Becomes an Official Sponsor of Our Best WordPress Design 2009 Contest!

Keller Hawthorne | July 27, 2009 | 6 Comments
Best WP Design Contest

OIOLogo.gifI am honored to announce that Simon from OIOpublisher has joined as a sponsor of our Best WordPress Design 2009 Contest! Here’s what he has generously offered the winner:

OIOpublisher Ad Manager Plugin (Worth $47.00)!

What OIO Does for You:

  • Sell all forms of text ads, banner ads, and paid reviews on your blog!
  • Sell digital products!
  • Host your own affiliate program!
  • Use OIOpublisher on an unlimited number of blogs you own!
  • Display ads on any blog using php or javascript!
  • Fully integrates into WordPress!
  • All ad purchases and expirations handled automatically!
  • One-click ad management!
  • Click and impression tracking, plus weekly ad reports emailed to advertisers!
  • Integrated marketplace helps you sell your ads!
  • No empty spaces – show your own default ads until slots are purchased!
  • First-class support, at no extra cost!
  • Support forum offers tutorials!
  • One-click updates are supported!
  • Submit an unlimited number of your blogs to the ad marketplace!

How to Create Banner Ads in WordPress

In this video, I explain how to use OIO to display banner ads on your WordPress blog. To learn more about this awesome WordPress ad manager plugin, please check out my post, The Best Ad Manager for WordPress – OIOpublisher.


If you happen to chat with Simon, please give him a big thanks for his generosity! I’ve utilized OIOpublisher for all’s advertising needs for two months now. I absolutely LOVE this plugin and I know the winner will enjoy it!

If you would like to become a sponsor of our contest, please contact me.

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