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PODCAST: Designing Your Website with a Marketing Perspective: Support Your Call to Action

Keller Hawthorne | August 28, 2009 | 13 Comments
PODCAST: Designing Your Website with a Marketing Perspective: Support Your Call to Action

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In this podcast, I focus on getting across the concept of designing your website with your call to action in mind. The majority of websites should be constructed and designed from a marketing perspective vs. an artistic perspective.

Topics Include:

  1. Marketing vs. Art
  2. Supporting Your Call to Action
  3. Your Navigation System
  4. Best Practices for Fonts
  5. Best Practices for Colors
  6. Clutter
  7. Focusing On Your Target Market
  8. Customizing Your Web Design and Making It Unique
  9. Changing Your Design

Questions you should ask yourself include:

  1. Does your web design support your call to action?
  2. Is it helping or hurting your conversion rate?
  3. Is it organized and easy to get around?
  4. Is it right for your target market?
  5. What issues have you noticed and how can you fix them?
  6. Are visitors doing what you want them to do on your website?

What Tips Do You Have on Web Design? If Your Conversion Rates Are Low, How Might Your Web Design Be Hindering Them?

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  • Josh H

    Great podcast Keller! You really broke it down to the very basics. I would agree that you could spend a lot more time talking about the subject. :-)

    One thing that I learned from my past mistakes was to keep the most important stuff that i wanted people to see above the first fold, as you mentioned.

  • EcoPaintOrg

    Just what the doctor ordered. My new custom site ready to go live any day now, with all the latest bells and whistles, blog attached to the rear. Always looking to improve conversions, providing searcher most relevant information regarding house painting. Thanks again for article!

  • studyskillsmentor

    Wow! This was certainly a timely podcast. At the moment my husband is installing my new custom made header, footer and background. I have spent the last month really examining popular websites my audience (teenagers) visit to find common elements that would appeal to them. I was then able to articulate these specifications to a design company and the end result is perfect.
    But it is definately a change from designs I find appealing. I am more of a clean, white space type of girl, hence the reason why I chose the Thesis theme. Teenagers on the flip side like dark, grunge colours.
    I believe my new design will help with getting students to frequent the site more often. But for me, it was also important to 'brand myself' with a logo as I am choosing not to blog under my name. I am not as foxy as the logo, but I can only dream.
    Time will only tell if the logo works.

  • Keller Hawthorne

    Absolutely Josh and thanks! We definitely don't ever want to hide our call to action. It can't “call” anyone if no one can hear it.

  • Keller Hawthorne

    Can't wait to see your new site!

  • Keller Hawthorne

    I love your new design additions! You've kept it clean, but added a little funk and playfulness to it (perfect if targeting a young crowd). The logo girl is awesome! Will you be entering your blog in my WordPress contest???

  • Ripplenet

    Thanks Keller – my call to action had slipped below the page fold as I revamped my site, without me noticing it :(

  • Rachid

    What a Great podcast Keller! I like your topics as some of your experiences are very common to all blogger. I work as a web developer and designer and I have two websites but not with your success. I love what you've said And I encourage you to continue on this topic because there is a lot to say like you've mentioned. one thing I want to add and it's from my own experience. Choosing a niche topic for your blog is key to the success of that blog and also the design should not only be influenced by your own desire but should be the fruit of studding the target audience which is the case studyskillsmentor (below) comment. keep it up!

  • Keller Hawthorne

    Absolutely right on Richid! So glad you enjoyed the topic.

  • Keller Hawthorne

    Absolutely right on Richid! So glad you enjoyed the topic.

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  • PaintingDenver

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