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A Cold Killed My Blogging

Keller Hawthorne | June 15, 2009 | Comment
Keller's Thoughts

Hey everyone! This is more of a notice or note than a blog post. I’ve been sick for the last week or so and haven’t had the energy or clear head to write. Well, I’m back in the office this week and will be working hard on posting some great new articles for you! Here’s a little peak at what article topics to expect from me soon:

  • Only 5 Days to Becoming a Blogger
  • Are You Ready to Be Your Own Boss?
  • My New Website Uses WordPress MU and BuddyPress

I was in such an awesome writing groove before I got sick and must admit to feeling a little rusty. I hate being away from My day just doesn’t feel right unless I’m communicating with each of you somehow.

Of course, after over a week of being MIA, there’s loads of work waiting for me, so I may have to read my own article, “7 Tips for the Overwhelmed Online Entrepreneur!”

I just want each of you to know I’m still here and eager to get back to blogging. I love your comments and feedback, so keep them coming!

Also, if you have any suggestions on article topics, please visit my Feedback Forum and let me know. The best way for me to help you create and grow your own successful online business is for me to know what information YOU need.

Hopefully I will begin my normal writing schedule tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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